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What Clients say about Talkin Headz Counselling

1 April 2015

We sought Irene for some family therapy counselling 10 months ago. Although it was a very stressful 10 months, there was most definately a rainbow at the end of our ordeal & Irene was most helpful in showing us the way. I cannot thank you enough Irene & wish you all the very best for your future.

10 November 2014

I am currently a second year student studying counseling, and during my second year of study and placement work I have been seeing Irene for my supervision. During this time I have been encouraged and empowered to believe in myself more and more, to trust myself when working with clients. She has guided me to process my discerning s, and to come up with directions to apply in my work and I have gained self-confidence in my ability to carry this through with my clients, and to know that I am practicing safely and ethically in my developing role. I have valued my relationship with her she is like a row boat, the structure that has kept me afloat, and has helped guide my ability to use the oars confidently to direct how to get to where I would like to be.


Counselling Student

11 June 2014

I began to see Irene at the beginning of April, a month after my long term boyfriend ended our 9 month relationship. I was finding things such as just getting up to go to school, sleeping and eating rather difficult than I usually would. It seems silly going to see a Councilor just because you have your heart broken people every day have their hearts broken and cope just fine. It wasn’t my idea at first to see Irene, my mother and grandmother had expressed their concerns for my health and me and went ahead and booked an appointment with her. I’m very glad and thankful that they saw what I was going through and thought that I needed someone outside of my friends and family to speak too. I was very skeptical about my first appointment with Irene, I mean I expected a councilor who just nodded their head and said ‘And how did that make you feel?’ the whole time, but Irene was nothing like this. As soon as I entered her office I felt safe and comfortable, it was almost too easy talking to her about my every day problems and some underlying ones I wouldn’t normally tell anyone. Irene slowly helped me out of the hole that I felt like was consuming me from the inside out, after having 3-4 appointments with her I was already felt more myself again. I was able to sleep through the nights, get up and go to school, talk more openly with friends and family about what was hurting me and affecting me. She had a way of relating what you were going through to every day things, and to things that had happened in her life as well. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the situation, that I wasn’t really as crazy as I thought. Irene used a special form of therapy for me to help me sleep called ‘ EMDR ‘ which is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. With this she was able to distress my memories that where keeping me awake and giving me anxiety attacks by desensitizing them and bringing them from my frontal lope of my brain to the back of my brain. Making the memories less stressful, even to this day I am able to think of these memories without feeling sick, unable to breathe and exhausted. I am very thankful for Irene’s help and would recommend if anyone was feeling alone in their own dark hole to go and see someone, to talk to someone. It can really help.


Female student, age 16

30 May 2014

I have had the privilege of doing two types of counselling with Irene Begg, one being Couples counselling and the other being Trauma therapy And EMDR. I was a very anxious person whos childhood had affected most of my adult life.

Going through couple counselling me and my partner both learnt to listen and communicate better with each other thanks to Irenes help. I then started seeing her for personal counselling where she has helped me tremendously overcome my anxiety and live life to the fullest. Her practice really does work for anyone that is unsure and she is an awesome person to talk to. I had doubts starting the EMDR therapy but am so glad i went ahead with it as my life has changed for the better and those memories that were once so alive within me are now distant memories that do not affect my future. I am currently still attending counselling however am having a little break at this point and would like to say that Irenes work is not a quick fix, it really does stay with you for life even after you stop seeing her and i cant wait to get back into work with her. Thank you very much Irene for everything you have done, i do believe that without you and your help i would not be the person i am today.



(female, age 22)

I was refered to Irene by my counselor in order to deal with on an going problem of being overwhelmed by reoccurring childhood memories. I could not talk about the memories without them having a physical effect on me. These memories were "processed" and now are just memories like any other - having no strong hold over me. I found Irene very easy to deal with and to talk to, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy) a very quick and successful type of therapy, and without the need for endless months of sessions.

Thank you Irene and best wishes for the future.


male, age 49

After only a few sessions of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy), I've come from years of deep depression,seemingly unstoppable drug addiction, constant suicidal & homicidal thoughts and hopeless outlook on life, wishing I was dead to feeling great, feeling positive everyday and I struggle to remember past traumas in any accurate detail. I would recommend Irene as a Counsellor and recommend EMDR therapy to anyone.

I feel I was at my lowest point in my life. Now I feel like a new person, more like whom I'd like to be.

Thanks Irene, You and EMDR helped me save my life.


male, age 39

After being in a car accident which left me badly injured, It traumatised me physically and mentally. I sought counselling with Irene Begg. I underwent EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) trauma therapy with Irene, which has helped me significantly. I have regained my confidence and the treatment has been a key role in my long recovery. Thank you Irene



(female, age 18)

I began going to Irene several months ago for counselling due to post traumatic stress disorder.

I found that irene is very easy to talk to and her style of counselling has definitely helped me a great deal !



(female, age 16)

I referred a client to Irene several months ago for counselling. Irene engaged with this young person after a number of other agencies failed to do so. Irene has counselled, supported and appropriately challenged this person. As a result they have now made some significant positive changes and their self worth, esteem and confidence has increased immensely.

I would recommend Irene as a counsellor to anyone and would like to thank her for the amazing work she has done.


Belinda Te Kiri

I have been Irene's supervisee and have found her to be a very professional supervisor.

She would gently yet firmly guide me through any issues pertaining to my work practice and also guided me through any personal issues which impacted on my work practice.

One of the things I found helpful was that Irene kept excellent notes of our sessions. This helped me set goals if needed and we revisited the next session to see if I had attained those goals or taken steps to remedy a situation that I had discussed with her. Irene is not afraid to challenge when the situation called for it. Her supervision skills were extremely beneficial and were such that it created introspection, reflection and goal setting to increase my own practice.