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Professional Supervison

Are you or your staff getting adequate support in your / their role?

Irene provides professional supervison to support staff in service providers. Experienced in management and with significant skills in supervision at post graduate level you or your staff member will be supported in their role and with managing your / their professional development.

The primary role of professional supervision is to assist staff to reflect on their work. Creating a reflective approach encourages thoughtful and integrated work styles. It helps new staff grow into their roles, and more experienced staff to capitalise on their knowledge. Staff who keep learning from the work they do often feel more satisfied, more stimulated and more confident.

In some cases supervision has a component of coaching. Supervision can help to develop staff skills in areas such as dealing with conflict, giving useful feedback, and communicating clear expectations.

Supervision also provides an independent and confidential context for staff to debrief, to manage their own responses to work situations, and to let go of work stresses.

Supervision is a means of supporting staff that also supports the quality of work in an organisation.